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Made of about 80 percent sugar, the remaining percent of honey consists of minerals and trace elements such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, amino acids, vitamins and water. Read our blog and discover what are the advantages of incorporating honey into your body care routine.

It is all about Honey, from body and hand soaps to wellness elixir, honey is stepping out of the shadows from its sweet-stuff reputation to take the reins as one of the hottest total-health ingredients.

Our soaps are created with a simple philosophy: innovation driven by nature, aiming to reconnect you with nature.

Our natural skincare products are not only good for us but also good for our planet.

Hand washing is something that we do multiple times each day, often out of habit and probably without even realising that we’re doing it. Washing your hands is often about more than just cleaning, however. It is therefore important to ensure that you are using...

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