Artisan hand wash inspired by nature…

Bring the spa to your bathroom and treat your hands to a touch of luxury with our two irresistible handwash collections….

Add a sense of ritual to your day and delight your senses with subtly fragrant blends made from Honey, Organic Castile, Castor oil, and pure Essential oils. Our gorgeously aromatic liquid washes contain no artificial fragrances and zero toxic sulphates or parabens – so you can fully re-harmonise with nature.


Handmade in small batches, by our founder Alessandro, our liquid hand soaps are created using Castile oil, a 100% natural soap base made from the saponified oils of coconut and sunflower.

Now you can enjoy a mini spa at home with moisturising and youth preserving honey – which is scientifically proven to prevent wrinkles and nourish the skin. All our liquid hand washes are made using UK produced honey to support local British beekeepers and independent businesses.


Create a personalised bouquet of scent with Mèl, our on-demand collection, or pick from our pre-blended Edèa collection, to enjoy an artisan experience that will allow you to truly luxuriate…

Our exclusive liquid hand soap collections…

The Mèl Collection…your personal blend of essential oils and nurturing English honey


Our on demand collection where you select the honey and blend of essential oils you want, to create your bespoke scent.. We offer a wide range of English honey, including Borage, Spring Blossom, Sea Lavender and certified 20+ Active Honey – which has the same strengths and health benefits as high rated Manuka.


Spoil yourself with an act of self-care and pamper your hands to perfection with active ingredients that nourish and soothe. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a combination of natural aroma and moisturising honey by creating your custom blend today?

The Edèa Collection…superior liquid hand soap made with natural oils and honey


Elevate your mood – and the washroom experience – with our exquisite, artisan liquid hand soaps. Enjoy a burst of luxury aroma and silken moisture, with our hand-blended premium collection and turn hand washing into a moment to close your eyes – and relax.


The Edèa collection envelopes your skin in a nourishing cocoon of honey, while you inhale the aroma of natural essential oils – from zingy Bergamot and Grapefruit, to spicy Cedarwood. Give a gift that’s sure to be remembered or reward yourself with a splash of luxury, with our elegantly crafted liquid hand soaps…

Natural hand wash that’s good for skin – and the environment

We passionately believe in innovation that’s driven by nature and create our liquid hand washes to inspire you so you can reconnect with the natural world.


Our products are not only better for your skin – they’re better for the earth too – as we’ve taken care to ensure our packaging is environmentally friendly. Our cartons and PET bottles are all 100% recyclable, and we use clear PET bottles made with 10% recycled plastic from existing PET bottles and other plastics (PCR).

We are currently offering free shipping on all UK orders over £30 – ideal, whether you want to indulge in our artisan liquid hand soap yourself, or give a beautiful present to someone special.

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