Bee-Keeping Course at Humble by Nature

If you’re thinking about getting animals or just want to experience a day on the farm, then these courses are the place to start. There’s plenty of hands-on experience with pigs, goats and sheep and you’ll cover all the essentials from how much land you need to choose breeds and understanding the paperwork.

Been a non-beekeeper will be not a problem, this course is perfect for you. Plenty of practical experience in the Humble by Nature apiary, teaching you how to keep and care for bees in a more natural and sustainable way.
The course of the day you will:
• Meet the bees: hands on introduction to the bee colonies.
• Learn about the natural lifecycle of honey bees: basic bee biology and ecology.
• Being a beekeeper: how to keep bees healthy, manage and feed the bees, prevent disease and harvest honey and beeswax.
• Find out about maintaining a sustainable relationship between bees, people and the environment.
• Understand and learn how to choose the perfect beehive for you and your bees.

A very interesting review can be found here.

“… I do think it’s strange that in a country which has always been intrinsically linked with the countryside, where we eat produce from the land and spend our free time walking and cycling in a landscape sculptured by centuries of agriculture that so few of us have spent time on farms. Even when you live in a rural area, as I do, there is a division between farmers and the rest of us, which is a real shame. …”

On The Times, an article about Kate Humble “Me and my bees”
“… Honey bees are in trouble. And therefore so are we. Einstein’s theory that the loss of honey bees will lead inevitably to the loss of the human race in as little as four years has been much quoted in recent times. A huge number of plants, especially food crops, rely on insects to help them to reproduce and nothing does it with more vigour and efficiency than the honey bee.”


About Humble by Nature

Kate Humble & husband Ludo Graham moved to Monmouthshire in 2007. Ludo, a BAFTA winning TV producer, went to work for the BBC in Cardiff.Kate, broadcaster and writer, was delighted to have the opportunity to move to the countryside after years of being a frustrated bumpkin in London.The initial plan was to rent a house but they fell in love with the Wye Valley and ended up buying an old stone farmhouse with four acres of land. Chickens came first, then Badger the dog.

Then they got slightly drunk at a neighbour’s dinner party and woke up to find they had agreed to take on two Kune Kune pigs. Two donkeys and several ducks and geese followed. Then a hive of bees, a veggie patch, Bella (another rescue dog) and a small flock of Badger Face Welsh Mountain ewes.

More by mistake than design, they’d become smallholders. Then came Humble by Nature.


More about Kate Humble here:

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