Skin-kind hand soap created by nature

We know how important it is to ensure the health of your skin – after all it’s the only one you’ve got. At Honey Body Care, we’re inspired by a passion to create products that help you enjoy the everyday act of washing your hands and caring for your skin, the body’s largest organ.

Our philosophy is that nature knows best – so we use only the highest grade natural ingredients, with proven skin-benefits, in all our creations.

Handwashing is part of our daily existence, a familiar ritual we perform before some of life’s important moments. From playing with our children or extending a warm welcome to guests, through to enjoying an intimate date or having dinner with the family – we all want to feel fresh, hygienic, and prepared for these precious occasions that bring meaning to our lives.

Now this simple act has been elevated to an experience of comfort and relaxation, with the soothing feel and subtle scents of our essential oil and honey infused soap and liquid hand wash.

Soothing honey hand wash – a proven natural skin-saver

Honey, known for its antibacterial and soothing humectant properties is a skin-saver par excellence. In our carefully handcrafted collections, we use a variety of English Honey, including Wildflower, Borage, Spring Blossom, and certified 20+ active honey, which offers the same health benefits as active Manuka.

Honey is antimicrobial, promotes wound healing, and is an anti-inflammatory, helping to calm skin conditions such as acne and eczema. According to peer-reviewed scientific research, it also has the potential to prevent wrinkle formation, keep the skin young, and regulate PH levels.

Scientists researching the benefits of honey on skin have even found evidence of it’s skin-healing ability, with a 2015 review from John Hopkins discovering it wields the potential to help heal burns, while a 2017 paper found it aids with wound recovery!

Our premium collections marry the skin-protective, antibacterial qualities of honey with the power of aromatic pure essential oils, to turn washing your hands into an act of nurturing self-care.

Honey and essential oil soap, a mini-spa for your skin

We use no artificial fragrance in any of our products, preferring to select the most pure essential oils, known for their ability to care for, and nourish the skin.  With our range of artfully blended hand washes, you can pick from an array of aromatic skin-kind soaps that will make cleansing your hands something to savour.


We use a wide range of 100% pure essential oils, including zingy Bergamot, a natural cleanser due to its proven antibacterial properties, fresh, tangy grapefruit, great for problem skin, and spicy Cedarwood, which lowers stress, and calms acne prone complexions.

Our liquid hand soaps contain no parabens and zero toxins, and are created using Castille oil, a 100% natural soap base made from the saponified oils of coconut and sunflower. Coconut oil is a known antifungal, while sunflower oil has shown the potential to help repair the skin barrier, making our liquid hand soap the perfect alternative to skin-stripping, chemical laden conventional hand washes.


Your skin is important, it deserves the ultimate in nurturing just as you do, so it makes sense to care for it using gentle products that have proven efficacy.  Our mission is to improve your skin’s health, while also inspiring your senses, so you can nourish your skin with nature’s finest ingredients, while embracing a moment of pure bliss.

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