Sourcing Our Honey

At Honey Body Care we source only the highest quality ingredients for our products. The honey we use is no exception.


The honey in our Mèl Collection liquid soaps comes from Leigh’s Bees Ltd, which prides itself on knowing the origin of each and every jar it produces. Carefully placed apiaries enable the bees to forage a specific range of nectar depending on the time of year and location.


Leigh’s Bees beekeeper, Leigh Goodsell, has kept bees since the age of 11, and been selling honey along the North Norfolk coast for decades. Joined by two partners in 2018 distribution has stretched across East Anglia and the Midlands.


Earlier this year the team launched The Honey Bee Dispensary to bring English honey with high level antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties (known as Active Honey) to market, whilst also promoting the vital work of the humble honey bee.


Honey has long been believed to have healing properties. It was used in Ancient Egypt to prevent infection by being placed on wounds, while the Ancient Greeks worshipped honey due to its healing attributes.


Honey Body Care has selected Leigh’s Bees Summer Blossom, Sea Lavender and Borage honeys alongside The Honey Bee Dispensary’s +20 Active Honey* for its liquid soaps.

*+20 Total Activity compares to +20 Unique Manuka Factor and an 830 Methylglyoxal Value (also applicable to Manuka honey).


To find out more, visit and

Sea Lavender Honey site

“We are delighted to be associated with Honey Body Care – its company ethos aligns with ours and I am excited for Alessandro with his venture. The combination of our honeys with carefully chosen essential oils makes for a lovely milky liquid soap that smells gorgeous and leaves the skin super soft. The only problem comes when deciding which one to choose.”

Hilary Manners, Partner, Leigh's Bees Ltd and The Honey Bee Dispensary Ltd.
Borage Honey Site
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