The Beekeeper Fashion, Felipe Oliveira Baptista creation

The Beekeeper Fashion

In 2020, the fashion designer Kenzo wowed audiences with a nod to beekeeping in their catwalk showcase. Kenzo’s beekeeper inspired designs were a call to action for us all; we must take care of the bees. Bees not only produce honey, but pollinate a huge volume of plants and crops that we eat. At Honey Body Care, we understand the incredible benefits that our organic honey can have on your skin. It is for this reason that we are committed to making financial donations to non profit charity organisations that are committed to protecting the planet’s bees.


Kenzo Fashion Statement

Kenzo’s creations included floral veils, wide-brimmed hats and over-sized sheer fabrics draped over the face. Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Kenzo Creative Director, aimed to create fashion pieces that showed the dichotomy of our lives. The limitations of lockdown are juxtaposed against hope for the future, and our concerns about health contrasted with a reminder to take care of our planet. The shades of lavender against floral patterns are a stark wake up call, and should serve as a reminder of the importance of bees in our lives.


Bee populations are under threat, and this could have serious consequences for the human race. With a third of our food being pollinated by bees, these natural farmers need to be protected at all costs. What Baptista has cleverly done with the SS21 collection is to bring bees into a public forum of discussion, which could prove vital to the survival of the bee.


Save the Bee

Kenzo is not the first fashion designer or celebrity to use their fame to highlight the importance of saving the bees. Back in 2013, Nicole Kidman wore a black Alexander McQueen dress featuring a neckline of golden bees. Sarah Burton also presented mesh headpieces, honeycomb patterned jackets and necklaces adorned with honeybees. Whilst it might seem flippant to try to raise awareness of the sanctity of bees in this way, designers are able to use their platform to highlight the decline of bees across the globe.


An increase in awareness across the general public can only be a good thing. Understanding the importance of bees in pollinating, and therefore producing crops, may go some way to ensuring measures are put in place to protect them.



Mental Health Benefits

In 2020, Teen Vogue ran an article about beekeepers and the trend of fashionable bee suits. Interestingly, it also touched on the mental health of those who keep bees. The beekeepers said that beekeeping had a positive effect on their mental health. They reported feeling soothed by their bees, and also experienced feelings of a maternal nature by taking care of their colony. Beekeeping was described as a therapeutic journey, with some claiming it helped them to recover from mental illness.


Honey Body Care

At Honey Body Care, we understand just how important bees are for our ecosystems. We do not take the benefits of honey in skincare products for granted, and for this reason, we choose to donate a portion of our profits to charities and organisations working to save the bees. To view our product range, or to find out more about the charities we work with, please click here.

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