Young man washing his hand with soap based on honey

Washing Our Hands: More Than Just Cleaning!

Hand washing is something that we do multiple times each day, often out of habit and probably without even realising that we’re doing it. Washing your hands is often about more than just cleaning, however. It is therefore important to ensure that you are using a hand soap that you love, and that takes good care of your skin in return.


Hand Washing Rituals

In the modern world, we all know that hand washing is important for good hygiene and cleanliness. In some religions, however, hand washing can also form part of a ritual. In Judaism, for example, there are two main forms of ritual washing or ‘ablution’. Hand washing is known as netilat yadayim, and full immersion of the body in water is called mikveh. The Talmud calls for washing of the hands as advised in Leviticus. Occasions when hand washing is required include before eating bread, before worship and after sleeping. In some circumstances, washing is completed as an act of purification, and in others, it might be an act to remove evil spirits from the fingers.



Aside from speech, our hands are one of our most important communication tools. Of course, the clearest example of this type of communication can be found within deaf communities worldwide who use various forms of sign language. Even English itself has three sign language varieties; American Sign Language, British Sign Language and Australian Sign Language. Other forms of sign language are also used in situations where speech cannot be used, including by divers underwater.


For those who use their hands less frequently for communication, many will still be familiar with certain meanings associated with a thumbs up, pointing, or being beckoned. These simple gestures are ideal in noisy environments such as parties, or conversely when you need to be quiet in a theatre or cinema.


Take Good Care

Our hands are used for communication, eating, writing, typing, carrying shopping and personal care. They are exposed to all elements when we are outside, but also spend time immersed in water when washing up or bathing children. This can lead to dry, sore skin that becomes inflamed or painful. Given their vast range of functions, we need to take good care of our hands.


Honey is known as a natural wonder ingredient with anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

At Honey Body Care, our hand soaps are formulated with the finest raw and natural honeys to provide a gentle but effective wash with every use. Our new Edèa Collection of hand washes contains raw honey hand blended with essential oils including bergamot and cedarwood. Our soap bars from the Anchiö Collection offer the benefits of both honey and oats. Anchiö means ‘today’, representing the multiple daily reasons for hand washing, including before family meals, to give guests a warm welcome, and before religious ceremonies.


At Honey Body Care, we thrive on including honey in bodycare products, giving our customers the finest hand and body soap collections to take care of their skin every day. To experience the benefits yourself, visit our online store today.

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