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Would you like to offer our premium soaps to your customers and clientele?
I’m always on hand to talk through our ranges, or discuss bespoke requirements, so we can perfectly suit your needs.


Hand hygiene has never been more important than at this moment, due to the COVID pandemic.


Our premium hand washes are handmade using natural extracts, essential oils, and the highest quality Active Honey 20+, which has an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial action due to its enzymes.


Cruelty free, with no parabens or sulphates, our artisan Honey soaps are suitable even for sensitive skins. Perfect for retail, or as gifts to offer members or guests, they can also be used in guest bathrooms, to add a touch of finesse to the restroom experience.


Nurture skin and protect the environment


Choose from a list of blends that we can make exclusive to you, or pick from our pre-blended hand washes, including soaps featuring seasonal honeys. We can also craft special blends to match any event or themed occasion, such as Italian Garden, Easter, etc…


As an ethical brand, we want to contribute to conserving our beautiful environment. Part of the profit from all our soaps goes to the Save The Bees campaigns run by Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, and other non-profits.


Our products use honey produced in the UK, helping to support local, independent farmers and small businesses in Britain.


All our products have received a full Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment and come packaged in unbranded eco PVC bottles. We can offer full personalised branding, for a small additional cost, or can supply our liquid hand soaps in simple 1 litre packaging, for you to decant into your own dispensers.


Édea Collection – An indulgent way to maintain scrupulous hand hygiene…


Édea fires the imagination, fusing specially selected honey with fragrant essential oils to create unique handmade blends. From zingy Bergamot and Grapefruit to spicy Black Pepper, fresh Arolla Pine and sultry Cedarwood, the Édea Collection has been created for connoisseurs of fragrant luxury.


A splash of ethical luxury…

We can provide a discount on our public pricing, making our luxury soaps a cost-effective investment.
If you’d like to receive a complimentary Discovery box of soaps so you can sample our products, please email us here.

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