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Celebrities and their Beehives

Your favourite celebrities all around the world have been turning to beekeeping. Back in 2009, Scarlett Johansson was given a set of beehives by Samuel L. Jackson. More recently, Zac Efron’s new TV programme on sustainability featured bees in one of its episodes. With actors including Jennifer Garner and Leonardo di Caprio joining the beehive revolution, you’re not alone if you’re wondering why celebrities love it, and what the benefits of beekeeping are. Here, we take a look at famous beekeepers and their reasons for taking care of bees.

Why Do Celebrities Love Beehives?

For beekeepers, there are more perks than simply producing your own local honey. Bees are an essential part of our environment. In fact, it is thought that bees pollinate one in three of the pieces of food we eat. Bees naturally help to ensure that crops continue to grow, significantly reducing the workload of humans, including crop farmers.

Beyoncé revealed that she has had two beehives for a while now. In an interview with British Vogue in late 2020, she said that her beehives are home to 80,000 bees. This allows her to produce hundreds of jars of honey each year.

Beyoncé’s inspiration for getting beehives was her daughters, Blue and Rumi. Both girls have allergies, and Beyoncé chose to have her own bees so that her daughters can benefit from the healing properties of honey. Honey is known to have an antibacterial effect, can aid wound healing, and can help with digestive issues. Many people also choose to take honey all year round to prevent the symptoms of hay fever.


A Sanctuary for Bees

Some celebrities go one step further as beekeepers. Morgan Freeman has converted his 124-acre ranch into a sanctuary for honeybees. The 83-year-old has been beekeeping for six years after realising just how important bees are for pollinating the plants on our planet. He has planted bee-friendly trees within his ranch including magnolia, clover and lavender to keep his bees well fed. He does not harvest the honey, instead of leaving this for the developing bees to feed on.



Beekeepers and COVID-19

For some celebrities, COVID-19 has sparked their new passion. The American singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood and her husband installed their beehives during the lockdown. In the UK, David and Victoria Beckham released a video of David building their beehive at their home in the Cotswolds.

For many, the lockdown has been an opportunity to reflect on what is important whilst reassessing priorities. Many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, giving us the time to commit to tending to a beehive. For those who have enough outside space, installing a beehive in the garden will help with pollination within the local area, as well as providing a source of honey.


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